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Things to know with Enquiries

Honesty post. Let’s talk Enquiries!

So I’ve been deliberating on speaking on this for a while now but someone said to me I should talk about it.

The events world is on a rise now, with the roadmap in place, everyone catching up on celebrations missed and places opening back up. With this has come a rise in enquiries and booked up dates.

Enquiries are not always as straight forward as asking can you do a garden party setup for me, how much would it be. It can take at least an hour of designs, ideas, back and forth communications, sketches, potential quotes from other suppliers, preparation, research and inspiration ideas.

When sending an enquiry if you provide as much detail as possible like colours, date, times, location, budget and if there is a theme, style or any inspiration. This helps so much and cuts out a lot of the back-and-forth messaging.

Many of us small businesses owners have been feeling overwhelmed over the past week or so and just by sending those extra bits of information on initial request can go a long way. We try to get back to you as soon as possible so if extra information is needed after each message, it delays the response time for answer that you really want which is; do you have availability, can you do it and how much does it cost.

Each person’s budget is completely different and we understand that. So please don’t feel bad or ghost us if you are given a quote and it is over your budget, or if you have decided to go with someone else. We would much rather you get back in touch to let us know rather than just receive nothing.

It lets us know you have considered/understood the of work involved even for an enquiry and we would be so grateful for it.

A lot of us are open and honest; for me personally I like building relationships with my customers and from that you receive a better service. Everytime us small business owners get an enquiry, booking or order we do a little happy dance. We are so grateful for your continued custom and support, and if like me can’t wait to do your wedding/event.

Love, Jadine Delarose 💕🌸

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